2021 Tumbling Competitions will be posted when we have details from British Gymnastics

European Age Group Championships

Enjoy the Silver medal winning performance from our Joe & Cheri!! Amazing routine 🙌🏻🇬🇧

Ready for the off

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A perfect way to describe a truly astonishing weekend of results for Wakefield Gym Club! It’s been the Yorkshire Championships this weekend where I can only describe it as being an amazing weekend for everyone involved!
A total of 10 GOLD 🥇 10 SILVER 🥈 4 BRONZE 🥉
As you can see with the results below, we didn’t just win medals, as a club we managed to take away full podium finishes in most categories, including 1 to 7 in some categories! Superb! 👏
Connie Smith & Naomi Upton SILVER 🥈
Memphis Sykes & Romie Askew-Williamson SILVER 🥈
Adam Walker & Henry Field-Andrews GOLD 🥇
Lukas Wheat & Niamh Gombocz GOLD 🥇
Tyler Passley & Caitlin Chester GOLD 🥇
Sophie Sayner & Olivia Lambert SILVER 🥈
Evi Field & Martha McKay BRONZE 🥉
Daisy Stafford, Keira Hepplestone & Matilda Thornton SILVER 🥈
Liam Brunneye & Willow-Rose Styles GOLD 🥇
Lucy Willis & Mia Jones GOLD 🥇
Sophie Duffield & Ashlee Tobin SILVER 🥈
Olivia Lee & Lucia King-Soler SILVER 🥈
Ella Mcelhatton, Isla Paterson & Jemma Hall GOLD 🥇
Katie Davenport, Abbie-Leigh Styles & Lucy Francis SILVER 🥈
Abbie Halstead, Rebecca Wilkinson & Hannah Shutt BRONZE 🥉
Tom Smart & Ryan Bradley GOLD 🥇
Natassia Binns & Harriet Robinson GOLD 🥇
Olivia Filak & Sophie Clarke SILVER 🥈
Beth Inman & Crystal Hartley BRONZE 🥉
Olivia Cawley, Maisy Rogers & Jennifer Pang GOLD 🥇
Libby Deuchars, Anna Hall & Millie Deegan SILVER 🥈
Erin Hainsworth, Hollie Armitage & Lilly Norris BRONZE 🥉
Charlotte Hodgson, Karla Ashman & Charlotte Buckley GOLD 🥇
11-16 WG:
Imogen Norton, Jessica Ashman & Charlotte Nixon SILVER 🥈
Faye Ambler, Freya Halliday & Annabel Simpson
Helena Ruecroft & Freya Baxter
Harry Latham & Maddy Bedford
Sam Reynolds & Farhad Nasimi
All performed only one complete routine today so we’re unable to collect a medal, however each performed brilliantly for their first time at a new level and new partnerships!
A HUGE well done to ALL of Wakefield Gymnasts competing over the weekend. You are all a huge asset to our club and show all be proud of your performances this weekend. I would like to congratulate everyone on incredible sportsmanship throughout the weekend showing ultimate support for everyone which was brilliant to see!
#oneteam #teamwakefield

Milly, Olivia & Ruby are 5th in Europe! They’ve had an amazing competition and today started the whole12-18 competition by being 1st on in the final! They handled it brilliantly and their performance was beautiful! We are so proud of you and hope you enjoyed every minute out there! They missed out on bronze by .05!!!! 🇬🇧

Some Pictures of our Gymnasts at the Wakefield Tumbling Open

Milly, Olivia and Ruby
The build up to the British Championships was very intense physically and mentally. The preparation for the FIAC international in Belgium was very extreme but the hard work paid off leaving us with a silver medal. Me, Olivia and Ruby trained 6 days a week for 4 hours and fought so hard to achieve our dream of being selected to represent Great Britain. With the British being the second trial for the Europeans in Poland, we knew that it wasn’t going to be easy. With the competition right behind us, nothing could go wrong. For each of our routines, balance, tempo and combined we couldn’t let our nerves get the better of us. We all knew we had a good build up and we were ready to fight. At the competition we showed the judges that we had strong execution skills, our artistry was unique and we didn’t ever forget about the basics of gymnastics. Unfortunately we only managed to achieve the silver medal due to a 0.3 deduction from a time fault but this was not the end. The following Friday was when the selection was announced and was the day when we found out whether the hard work paid off. To achieve the news that we had been selected to represent Great Britain at the European Championships in Poland in October was the best news we could have asked for and we had achieved our goal. We will now continue to work hard every day and work together as a unit because the final goal has not yet been reached, the journey has only just started. All three of us are extremely excited for this amazing opportunity and it does go to show that you get out in life what you are willing to put in.
12-18 Women’s Group: Milly Eaton, Olivia Huscroft and Ruby Horsman.


Cheri-May and I were put together as a mixed pair partnership just six weeks before the British Championships. We had to from the beginning with new routines and new moves. The build up to the championships was physically and mentally tiring but it was all worth it by the end because we became 11 – 16 mixed pairs British Champions. We might not have been fully ready as a partnership for the British but the end goal for us is to go to the European Championships and to get on the medal podium.

Wakefield’s Balance Routine win Gold in the 11-16 mixed pair category of the 2017 Acrobatic Gymnastics British Championships.                                        Score:26.650                                                                                                                                                    The British Gymnastics Championship Series at the Echo Arena, Liverpool.

Wakefield Gym Club’s Combined routine win Gold in the 12-18 Women’s pair category of the 2017 Acrobatic Gymnastics British Championships
Score 28.400

The British Gymnastics Championship Series at the Echo Arena, Liverpool.