Thornes Park Stadium/Update on Recovery From the Fire


Over the last week I have received dozens of emails from people asking for an update on Thornes Park Stadium.

As you are aware the fire damage to the stadium building, which appeared at first superficial, caused much more internal damage than first thought.

Wakefield Council had commissioned initial repairs and very thorough cleaning by specialist cleaners which would have allow a partial opening.

The Leisure team were in the process of developing what the partial opening would allow them to facilitate in the building, when unfortunately the Coronavirus took over.

The management team from Thornes stadium have for the last few weeks been called to oversee the safe temporary closure of all council facilities and are now supporting other services.

Arrangements had been made for the athletics club to have access to the outside of the stadium so they could continue with their training (albeit with some restrictions on space), however until the government lift the coronavirus restrictions on social distancing, this will now also not be possible.

In the meantime the property team are continuing to work on the building to get it to a state that we can have the partial opening, again the ability to carry out works is delayed and hampered by the coronavirus.

The property team have to prioritise those jobs that are urgent for the continuation of nominated essential services, and the capacity of that team and of specialist sub-contractor teams is greatly impacted by the virus.

All staff working on this are hopeful that by the time the country exits from the coronavirus crisis they will have the stadium ready for the partial opening and have plans developed for future improvements.


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